What is Agar.Pro?

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What is Agar.Pro?

Pc and the console games got ahead of web based online games and pushed them into trashcan by presenting high quality graphics and detailed features. Pc and the console dominated  game society can not be even approachable by the web based games, but Agar.Pro has been liked by many gamers after its release.

Agar.Pro is a multi player, online, web based game which is easy to control by using Mouse and a limited keyboard. It is a perfect time killer game when you have a free time to spend. Also, it is an advantage that you can easily access Agar.Pro from everywhere, just you need is an internet connection. Because it is a web based and low quality graphics designed, you can play it without problems, even when the connection is poor. Well, what is Agar.Pro? How to play Agar.Pro?


In this game, the purpose is just eating the other players’ masses and boosting your mass bigger and bigger. You are starting the game with round shaped mass, but you can choose its skin before starting the game.

Basically, you just need to run after and eat the smaller masses around, and also you can get bigger by eating the small objects, but it will take a long time to be a big brother. Simultaneously, you have to escape from big masses for not to be a decoy and restart the game. Once you are eaten, you need to restart the game from the beginning.

Upper right side of the page includes a leader board and you can see just 10 best players. You can get points by eating up the other players, but you should be careful not to be food for the bigger players when you are chasing the smaller ones.

If you get extremely bigger, you can divide your mass and send them for eating up the other players. Also, you can use this feature when you just want to escape from a bigger mass for saving the essential part of your mass. It is important to stay alive as long as you can, because restarting game means you are the smallest player in the game. So keep yourself alive and be careful about the bigger players, and keep your eyes wide open.

Briefly, after Agar.Pro release, the game is widespread all around the World now, and you can see addicted players everywhere.