How To Play Agar.Pro?

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The number of addicted players is increasing day by day, now Agar.Pro is a web based game phenomenon. It has been rated as %80 by more than twenty thousand game players . So there is no need to talk about its popularity.

Will you be a decoy or will you be a hunter? Yes, the cruel World, big fish eats the small fish in everywhere and at any time. But always there is a weak side, it doesn’t matter that you are big or small. To learn how to survive and get points much more in Agar.Pro, you must know how to play it. So, we are going to make your mind clear before you start to play the game.

First, you will see 5 boxes on the main page of the game. On this page, you will use just the big box in the center to choose your nickname and skin. But if you want to register on Agar.Pro, then you should use Login with the Facebook button inside the big box. If you want to support the game on social media, then you can click on the like and share buttons located on the upper side of the big box. Also, if you want to watch the game instead of playing it, you can click on the watch button. So the only required field in this box is actually just nickname field, then you can play or watch.

After choosing a nickname and selecting a free skin, you are now ready to start playing. Before starting to play, you should know the controls below;

Agar.Pro Controls

Mouse = You can control your direction and aim.

Space = You can divide your mass into pieces for escaping from a bigger player or sending your mass parts for eating the smaller masses.

W = Eject Mass

E = Eject Fast Mass

Even you do not know the controls, you can play it just with the Mouse. Agar.Pro is known for its easy to control feature, therefore any person at any age and IQ level can play it.

But of course, the difference between the players’ points is because of knowing and using the all controls properly or not. You can choose to play it just with your Mouse and accept anything in the game. Using the other easy controls will make you more comfortable during the game. Good luck!