Agar.Pro Skins

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Agar.Pro Skins

Choosing a skin seems like a negligible option, but it is vital to Show up yourself cool or scary in the game. Skins give clues about your character, for example, if you select a funny skin, the other players will understand that you are in the game for just having fun. So choosing a skin which best fits on your charecter is important before starting the game. Also, it will effect your game style because the players unintentionally choose decoys by looking at their skins. If you do not select a skin, then every player will understand that most probably you are new in the game, so they will attack you without thinking.

There are many websites on the web that you can play Agar.Pro, and every website offers you a different skin scala. There are thousands of skin types including everything you can imagine, so if you do not like any skins on the website you are playing at the moment, it is an option to change the website. Some websites allow you to upload your own skin. You can download skins on the internet and upload it on Agar.Pro. It is possible to produce a new one by your own.

Because of Agar.Pro is a popular game all around the World, you have a good opportunity find your best fitted skin on web. Another option is to search Agar.Pro skins on Google Images and see the scala on the web. Perhaps it will take for hours to find the right one amongst the thousands for you and it seems like a waste of time, actually the game is a time killer itself.

Unfortunately most of the websites do not allow you to upload your own skin, then it is another option to find another website to upload, but if you can not then find a website which has a wide scala of skins, then you can choose one.

According to Human psychologists, it is known that the thriller colors like red attract people and they focus on those colors more than others. So before choosing a skin, think about the below;

1-) Color ; must be the undertone. It makes you nearly invisible because the other players focus on thriller colors.

2-) Nation; Of course you love your nation but in the game the other players do not like it. If you choose a nation figured skin, then it is certain that you will be a target for more hunters.

3-) Select a skin; At least you can select any skin, if you don’t, then everybody will think that you are new and easy to be eaten.