Agar.Pro Lag Fix

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Agar.Pro Lag Fix

Agar.Pro game has been very popular amongst the online players. Just after it has been released, hundred thousands of gamers are addicted to this game. It is really one of the best time killing games online and easy to access.

Agar.Pro is not a company owned game so that the financial resources are very limited. The developer of the game has problems about providing a strong and sufficient number of servers because of the Money sources.

It is one of the most common problems of web based online games that after you start playing the game, the screen freezes and you are eaten by the other players. This is called “Lag problem”. If it happens when you have an extremely big mass, that will be the worst thing for a player ever. So what are the solutions to get rid of lag problems in Agar.Pro?


1.Server Location:

It is very important to choose the closest server to your location, but first check the real locations of the servers, because they can be misleading. For example you are in Turkey and you have chosen the Turkey server, wow there is lag again, because the Turkey server is actually located in London / England. So be careful with the server location.

2.Say Bye Bye to Your Browser’s Extensions

Perhaps the extensions on your browser are very useful, but if you want to play Agar.Pro without       a lag problem, you need to remove or at least deactivate them. Because they are the reason of extra network traffic, so they make your pc work harder.

3.Reduce All Network Consuming Operations

It is possible that you forget other tabs on your browser which extremely increasing your network traffic. It is better to close all tabs to reduce lag problem on Agar.Pro. Especially, if you are downloading something, listening to music online or watching a video then do not waste your time by trying to play Agar.Pro. Before starting to play, Close all tabs on your browser.

4.Do Not Use Skins

Skins are cool and it identifies you to other players during the game , but if you still have the lag problem, do not use skins. It is better than having lag problems when you are playing. Certainly your lag problem will be reduced maybe fully removed.

So try those methods above to solve your lag problem.

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